Please support these fantastic charities

Please support these fantastic charities

Friday, 28 February 2014

1 day to go!

Well we’re off!

The van was packed this afternoon and we set off on the first leg of the drive up North.  Overnight tonight in Paisley and a gentle trot and cycle in the hotel gym tomorrow before driving up to John o Groats.

It seems strange that I’ll have driven 480 miles to get somewhere and will promptly turn round and run back twice as far!

Bloody idiot.

A million thanks to JCT600 and Volkswagen Commercials in Sheffield for the supply of the van.  I can’t tell you how much easier this has made our planning!

Check back on Saturday to see some before and after pics from the first leg (don’t show the “after” pictures to young kids)

Picking up the Transporter yesterday donated by JCT600 & VW Sheffield for the duration of the challenge. 

Nervous smiles before the start of the long journey up to John O'Groats 

Plenty of space in the back for all the essentials of the long journey. 

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